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Rush Lift

Energy saving up to 60% vs. hydraulic
Very Low Power Consumption
High Efficiency PM Motor Technology Ride
Gearless Traction Elevator Performance
Surprisingly Smooth Ride
Quiet, Virtually Noiseless
Operation Environmentally Responsible
Environmentally Friendly
No Hydraulic Oil – Zero Spill Risk
No Hot Oil Smell
Recover Machine Room Space
Flexible Layout
MRL Technology
Proven Reliability
Universally Maintainable Design
Standard Commercial Components
Application / Features
Low-Rise Applications
Upgraded Cab Standard.

Stainless Steel Elevator Cabin

" You can get a high quality range of Stainless Steel Passenger Cabin Lift. Manufactured using superior grade raw material & cutting-edge technology, this lift is with the international standards of quality and safety. Our expertise allows us to offer these cabin lifts in standard as well as customized designs and sizes, so as to meet the varied requirements of different industries. Casted of various. materials. "

Lighting of elevator

" Under equal brightness, theoretically the LED lighting system only consumes 10% of an incandescent lamp and 50% of an fluorescent lamp .The environment-friendly. "

Car Operating Panel with Touch Sensitive Screen

" The panel is provided to operate with Floor touch Buttons to reach the desired floors, with Emergency stop touch buttons, Alarm bell, fan Switch etc. "

Landing Operating Panel with Touch Sensitive Screen

" Our expertise in the elevator sector enables us to manufacture a highly advanced touch screen COP. Even a feather touch is enough to have an access over the complete mechanism. This precisely engineered COP is provided with such an easy mechanism that a child can use it to navigate through the floors. "

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